Vlog #4

Hey BanjoBros and Gals!

Here is the latest Vlog post, i know you guys have been requesting, keep them coming, as soon as im settled into my new place i will start hammering out the videos.  Thanks for supporting and please follow my channel of the video below! Keep picking dawgs.


Hey Guys Sorry for the long hiatus but ive been busy what with a full time job, two boys, and trying to find time for my true passion (hip hop).  anyways ive been steady working so keep the requests coming and i will find the time to get to them, but if you guys come to the site often or even if its your first time please go check out the mixtape i just released on datpiff and rate it for me! Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

Rall the Rapper Unfinished Business

Rall the Rapper Unfinished Business Mixtape Cover

Whats up banjo bros and gals. Once again i am here on a non banjo related post. Unfortunately in this world you have to take whatever audience you can get and you guys are ALL I HAVE lol. Anyways heres me once again sharing this video in hopes that you will share it as well. Keep the requests coming. I forgot to mention that this is my New Project. Follow along by searching Rall The Rapper

New Rap Video

What up banjo bros and gals! I am excited to share this video with you guys today. If any of you guys read my more recent posts i have a new Rap project. Just google “Rall the Rapper,” and follow along. However the reason i am posting today is to ask that you guys please share this video.

P.s. if you have any requests please just email me at chrisjrall@gmail.com

Whats up banjo bros and gals, this was another request. Sorry for the long absence, as some of you know i just had a son this last summer and lets just say TIME FLIES. He is almost 8 months old and any week now he will be walking. I truly feel blessed for all the nice comments and feedback and i feel validated like these videos actually DO help some of you out there. Anyways this song is called Closer to the Sun, by Slightly Stoopid, i was familiar with the song before it was requested but i had never thought of doing a banjo version of it. So keep those requests coming yall!

Closer to the Sun Slightly Stoopid Banjo Lesson Banjo Bro

Slightly Stoopid CLoser to the Sun

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Thanks to all of my subscribers and supporters Once again i enjoy your feedback and requests feel free to email me and my personal email Chrisjrall@gmail.com

Whats up banjo bros! i just wanted to say thank you for all the support on the site, as some of you may know, my son is now 4 months old and the wonderful blessings of having a newborn child also means less time for hobbies. Now since i still have to pay the bills i havent had as much time to work on the site, but i would like to change that so please send me some work guys what songs do you want to learn? If you have any requests for a song or any comments please email me at ralltherapper@gmail.com. I am also going to be starting a section on the site for guitar players as well. I have been practicing classical and flamenco style guitar lately and would love to share with all of you fellow finger pickers. The way i see it is guitar was my first passion and i have some real knowledge to shed on new as well as advanced players. Anyways please please please subscribe to Rall the Rapper on youtube and follow me on twitter @RalltheRapper.

Hey banjo bros! This is one of my favorites to jam to lately. I love Zac Brown band and my dream is to enter a beard growing competition with him. This song truly is great. I encourage you to go listen to him play it live on youtube if you need inspiration or motivation.

zac brown colder weather banjo lesson
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Hey whats up banjo bros! This song was actually my first request so Jason i hope this helps you out brotha! This song was written by the Pixies. This version was derived from the Trampled by Turtles cover. I hope you enjoy this is a great jam.

Trampled by Turtles Where is My Mind tab

pixies where is my mind

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Whats up Banjo Bros! I hope you enjoy this lesson this is my interpretation of Sublime’s Bad fish transposed onto the banjo. In the tab i just put the chord shapes its up to YOU to practice different banjo rolls and listen to the tune to create the picking patterns. Good luck! Like i said before BanjoBro.com operates at a loss every month. If you would like to help me out without giving directly to the site then you can donate through Amazon. I am an affiliate with Amazon so if you shop on Amazon by clicking through the link below i will receive a small commission on whatever you buy. PLEASE NOTE: This does not cost you anything extra. This way you can help out Banjo Bro and have the security of Amazon. Donate to Banjo Bro via Amazon

sublime bad fish banjo lesson

banjo tab

Hey whats up banjo players this is my interpretation of Sublime’s song What I Got. I hope that it gives you a nice tune to play with your buddies that everyone can sing along with!
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Sublime Banjo Lesson

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Hey everyone this is a little riff i made after watching a catfish blues video. Since Dogfish head is my favorite brewery i decided to pay homage and thus the lesson Dogfish Blues. My favorite beer is the 90 minutes IPA served in a Frosty Glass Yo! Enjoy!

blues banjo riff tab


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Here we go! The infamous Foggy Mountain Breakdown. In my opinion this is a must learn song for beginning banjo players. The riffs in this song (especially the ending lick right after the e minor riff) you will hear repeated in several other tunes! My advice is to take your time. Learn it part by part and build off of what you already have committed to muscle memory. This simply means learn part one, then play it, then learn the next part, and play both of those together until you have it down, then learn the next part, play all three parts together, and so on. Once again, BUILD off of what you know. This version is the one i play however there are a couple different versions out there.

foggy mountain breakdown

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to BanjoBro.com in this video i show you how to play the Scruggs tune Cumberland Gap! This is an awesome song, the second riff is a real fun one to play once you get it going into overdrive.

Cumberland Gap Banjo Tab


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Warm Up Exercise

Hey everyone this is a great warm up technique you can use if you haven’t had time to play recently or you are just starting to play. I use it when i wake up and i want to warm up my fingers a little bit. Its great for getting the blood flowing! You are doing a chromatic style scale and experiment with your own versions of this. The main idea is you want to use all of your fingers, stay in time, and hit all of your notes clearly! Enjoy and if you have not yet then subscribe to the Free newsletter and register for Members Only content it is completely FREE!


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Hey everyone in this video I demonstrate how to play the banjo tune Cripple Creek. This song is famous for the so called “Cripple Creek” riff. This riff that i’m talking about is the second one that i teach in the video. Anyways enjoy! And if you haven’t yet then please subscribe to my email list and leave a comment if i’ve helped you at all.

cripple creek banjo tab


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Whats up everybody i hope you enjoy this lesson. This is a classic Banjo Song with a nice upbeat sound. It is great for beginners. There are many variations of this tune like most of my videos this is a version i like to play that is a combination of several versions.

banjo in the hollow lesson


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Front Porch Riff

Just imagine playing the next lick on a front porch swing during a rainstorm. It doesn’t get more country than that. Be sure to keep your Left index finger planted and use your ring finger to hammer various strings all on the 3rd fret. Be sure to listen where the pinches go.

Front Porch Banjo Riff

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Whats up everyone! In this video i am going to demonstrate a cool minor riff. You want to play it at a moderate speed at first and mess around with the whole double timing right hand technique.

Banjo Lesson Minor Riff

When playing this you hold down the chord shape

Start by playing a full Forward Reverse roll (8 notes) and then two Mixed rolls (4 notes x played twice)


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In this video i teach you an awesome practice tool.  ESPECIALLY if you are near the beginner level.  Practice this exercise by switching between the Forward, Reverse, Mixed, and Forward Reverse Roll.  In the video when i say i “cut the roll in half,”  i am speaking specifically about the Forward Reverse roll because it is a roll consisting of 8 beats.  You can play and 4 beat roll over this and it will just cause you to switch chords quicker which is great practice.  For more chords you pick upBanjo Chord Finder: Easy-to-Use Guide to Over 2,800 Banjo Chords

chord patterns over whole banjo neck

It’s super cheap and once you have this book you will never need to go anywhere else to find ANY banjo chord.


in this video i demonstrate how to play the blues scale in the key of c. Once again i am using a double finger picking technique with my right hand. This means i am using both my right THUMB and INDEX finger to alternate pick each string. This scale is found in Banjo Scale Finder: Easy-to-Use Guide to Over 1,300 Banjo Scales

banjo blues scale

Once again i highly recommend this book you can get a paperback copy on amazon cheap as dirt and you will have every Scale you will EVER need.

In the video below i demonstrate how to play the C Harmonic Minor Scale. The technique I am using to pick is a two finger per string RIGHT hand technique. This simply means i am using my right thumb and right index finger to alternate pick each string going through the scale. For thousands of scales check out the Banjo Scale Finder: Easy-to-Use Guide to Over 1,300 Banjo Scales

banjo c harmonic scale

When practicing scales i constantly refer back to this book it really is a must have for banjo players.

The Pull Off Lick

One of the best sounding banjo techniques is the pull off.  Hopefully by now you are familiar with your banjo rolls.  Practice this lick but also experiment by pulling off using different scale shapes.

banjo pull off lick

Banjo Rolls

Banjo rolls are the building blocks of a good banjo player.  When i started to play the banjo i didn’t even use my left hand at first.  Instead i practiced these right hand techniques thousands of times until they were permanently burned into my muscle memory.  Enjoy the video of Banjo Bro demonstrating Forward roll.

Forward Roll
Forward Banjo Roll

Forward Reverse Roll
Forward Reverse Banjo Roll

Mixed Roll
Mixed Banjo Roll

Backwards Roll
Banjo Backwards Roll